News, Open Data, Public Participation should we do web 1.0 or web 2.0 for our initial launch?

Our end goal is to create a end-user application for any city to use along the lines of the design from Sunlight Foundation through our open source initiative – OpenData. Before we get there we want to follow the principle laid out by Tim Berners-Lee – just do it.

The other reason to get something out there is to get feedback from the community on two things:

  1. Desired datasets (through Digg like voting tool)
  2. Dataset quality (schema, metadata, accuracy, etc)

So the question we face for our initial launch in August 2009 is:
1. Simple HTML table like CA is doing

a. Pros: quick to set up and follows a table format like other data catalog sites

b. Cons: zero interactivity – rating, commenting, etc

2. Use our online discussion platform, Pligg

a. Pros: web 2.0 features

b. Cons: not in a table format

We’re leaning towards #2 but welcome your thoughts.

-Jay Nath


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