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Kicking off Gov 2.0 Club San Francisco!

3722704950_5ed3fbaf08The Gov 2.0 movement celebrated two great milestones at 111 Minna in downtown San Francisco last night: the birth of Gov 2.0 Club San Francisco, and the one-year anniversary of GovLoop, the “Facebook for Government.”

Around 100 people from local and federal government and private sector tech, innovation and social media backgrounds joined the event, sponsored by Gov 2.0 Expo and Firmstep.

Attendees included representatives and employees of the SF PUC, Department of the Environment, Department of Technology, Booz Allen Hamilton, Circlepoint, Yahoo, The WELL, the Social Media Club, YouTube, Overstream, Green 960, Granicus, the EPA and other federal agencies, Firmstep, and more. 

Jay Nath, innovations manager at the Department of Technology, spoke of the City’s desire to embrace open data and the spirit of Web 2.0, and I highlighted the collaborative nature of Gov 2.0. Many new connections were made, and we brainstormed around a Gov 2.0 Camp in SF to celebrate the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s election and committment to government transparency.

GovLoop, Gov 2.0 Club and several other sponsors continue the SF event’s “Summer of Gov” theme tomorrow with a mixer in DC. 

Flickr photo of Jay Nath, left, and me by Steve Rhodes.

– Adriel Hampton


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