Open Gov West SF Meet Up April 12th @6pm

Open Gov West (OGW) was a two day conference in Seattle, Washington, bringing together government, business, and citizens together to examine regional open government opportunities and practices. OGW focused on three core areas for open government work: open government policy, data standards across governments, and emerging partnerships between governments and new partners such as nonprofits and social entrepreneurships.

“Open Gov West brought together an essential group of change agents from all over the region. At the conference we were able to collaborate and share ideas in a meaningful and productive way, one that will move open government forward as a result,” said Alissa Black, Senior Business Analyst with San Francisco’s Emerging Technology Group.

Black will be at Open Gov West’s San Francisco meetup on April 12th at Citizen Space, with other local San Francisco OGW attendees, reporting back to local open government supporters on the conference’s regional recommendations and ideas for local open government work. Other OGW attendees who will speak at the meetup include Tim Bonnemann, Founder and CEO, Intellitics, Inc., and Dave Geller of San Francisco’s Emerging Technology Group.

Sarah Schacht, executive director of Knowledge As Power and Open Gov West’s chair, will be at the meetup. Schacht will attend each Open Gov West meetup across the west coast in April, including Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle.

Schacht said, “We’re hosting Open Gov West meetups across the west to bring the OGW experience to those who weren’t able to join us in Seattle, and to connect local open government enthusiasts and innovators. Opening up government information, modernizing government and civic technology, and producing meaningful tools for citizens isn’t easy—you need a community of people working together to make it happen. Hopefully, these meetups will help build that community and power the Bay Area’s important open government work.”

Open Gov West: San Francisco
6 to 8 PM
Citizen Space
425 2nd Street #100

Register online at:

Press Contact: Sarah Schacht at or 206.909.2684


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