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SF looks to hire a Senior Innovation Analyst

Wanted to share this great opportunity with the Gov 2.0 community. The City and specifically this team has done some really good work. And they have some big ideas for the future.

-Jay Nath

Join a startup in the public sector and discover a wonderful opportunity to impact the lives of San Franciscans in ways large and small. We’re looking for talented individuals who are as passionate about helping others as they are with their career. We offer competitive salaries (up to $103K) and great benefits. If this sounds interesting, read on and send your resume and cover letter to:

Our mission is to transform San Francisco by:
• Empowering citizens through transparency
• Engaging and collaborating with our technology community
• Using innovative technology to solve business challenges

Some of our accomplishments:
• Demonstrating national leadership through DataSF, our open data initiative
• Establishing the country’s first open source policy
• Leading a national effort to create the Open311 API
• Learn more at

What this means to you:
• Know that you’re making a difference in people’s lives
• Help create a platform that delivers world-class service
• Work with a fun and dedicated team

What we’re looking for:
• Analyze the needs of our customers to develop the best business and technology solutions.
• Ability and interest to work with a variety of technologies to solve varied types of problems.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; strong analytical skills and a demonstrable bias toward action.
• Ability to scope and manage large projects.
• Previous experience in startups or consulting is a plus.
• Understanding of Gov 2.0 principles is a plus.


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