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San Francisco City Attorney’s Office on Flickr

Of late, I’ve been been using the photo sharing site Flickr more and more, shifting my focus from researching its 4 billion images to uploading fresh content and networking through the site. Flickr has tremendous functionality for creating blog content and populating other social media platforms as well. I’ve got a recent post about using Flickr in a broader content strategy, and Dan Slee of UK local gov’t has a great guide called “Social Photo: 11 groovy ways Flickr can be used by local government.”

One of the great local government examples we’ve looked at is the Flickr activity of the Washington State Department of Transportation, managed by Jeremy Bertrand. Today, we opened an official Flickr account for the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office, where we hope to not only highlight our great city, but also feature photos that illustrate the work of our office, from the hard-fought battle for marriage equality, to City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s anti-gang initiatives.

If you are a San Francisco photographer, or just interested in connecting with our content and San Francisco favorites, please add us on Flickr. We also welcome suggestions on how you think we can best use this channel.

– Adriel Hampton


4 thoughts on “San Francisco City Attorney’s Office on Flickr

  1. Thanks for the mention Adriel. I must say however that the success of our flickr site has been the fact that the entire agency is an active participant and contributor. That has really been the secret of our success. We have trained our local media and public audience to look there first whenever an emergency sitiation occurs or just during the course of everyday business. If you’ll notice there was a mudslide on US97A recently and the first uploads were from a blackberry, so a fancy camera is not required. Just informative and educational photos. Congrats to getting the attorneys office on flickr, just be sure to keep the talking head shots to a minimum.

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