Feds Release Cloud Computing Strategy

Marking the second major cloud computing white paper of the week, U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra has released a 39-page document outlining the federal government’s cloud computing strategy. Underlining the importance of the strategy, the paper leads with a figure highlighting a potential cloud spend of $20 billion, or a quarter of annual agency IT budgets.

The paper comes the same week as the NIST released a draft version of its cloud security and privacy guidelines.

According to Kundra, agencies that have the most potential spending on cloud computing include DHS, Treasury, DOD, VA, and DOT. Cloud policies and strategies from the federal government are increasingly important to municipalities such as San Francisco, because federal spending often drives private-sector terms of use, security, and standard service level agreements in ways that benefit other government entities. The new paper cites a GSA “infrastructure as a service” contract that includes 12 vendors cleared to provide cloud storage, virtual machines and web hosting for federal agencies.

For government entities looking at adoption of cloud solutions, the strategy paper includes a valuable breakdown of federal agency roles in cloud standards and responsibilities, as well as an extensive index of resources.


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