Experiments in creating an open and transparent SF government.

OpenSF is an informal association of California and San Francisco citizens who embrace principles of transparency, collaboration and government efficiency in our daily work. This blog is an unofficial outlet to share our stories, promote interesting initiatives from our departments around the city and state, and dialog with San Francisco residents and the broader Gov 2.0, open government and open data communities around the globe.

For more information about Gov 2.0, Open Government and Open Data, check out this short post by Alex Howard, O’Reilly Media’s Gov 2.0 correspondent: ‘Building the narrative of Gov 2.0, one story at a time.’

If you’re interested in contributing to OpenSF, please fill out the contact form here. And we’d be glad to have you!

Postings here do not necessarily represent our employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Follow OpenSF on Twitter here.

A special thanks for Luke Fretwell of GovFresh for donating his design skills and for helping share our work.


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