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‘SFpark’ Opens Parking Data

A new project from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency allows drivers to check out parking pricing and availability from the web or iPhone and iPad, and enables flexible pricing for the most desirable parking spots at different hours throughout the day.

You can fill up on information about SFpark here.

SFpark has also created a developer API.


7 thoughts on “‘SFpark’ Opens Parking Data

  1. Alyssa says:

    While technology is playing an increasingly vital role in improving our lives in San Francisco, there is a portion of our citizenry which is being left behind – those without basic access to the internet. Consistent internet can be expensive and exclusive, and we need to ensure that all San Franciscans can be a part of the conversation. Phil Ting addresses this idea with his new petition to guarantee universal access to internet – which I signed my support here: It’s important to keep the big picture in mind when revitalizing SF.

  2. There’s another conclusion you can draw from this set of data- no-one in San Francisco gets out of bed before noon on Saturday. Just look at the maps:
    Seriously though, the problem with this program is a) the price increases are too slow to trigger a change in demand, and b) there’s already too much parking in San Francisco. Here’s an alternative idea: instead of dropping the rates on streets with underused parking spaces, take out all the parking on streets with heavy transit usage (such as Mission) and put in bus lanes. Then watch as the previously underused parking spaces start filling up.

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